Most Epic Crash.

Post your most epic Garry’s Mod crash, and what you did to cause it to crash. And if possible, a screenshot.
My contribution, lighting off 50 nukes. Couldn’t see shit because the screen was so bright from all the explosions.
Your turn.

15 or so Tanker Truckers from Gbombs, that set off 7 nukes in each corner of flatgrass.

Making my own SWEP :saddowns:

tried to smart weld a giant base all at once

Made a “door” of layers. Consisted of two flat models and in between were a bunch of melons. lit of a nuke, crashing ensued.

wire hydraulicing nograved props. I forgot what it does. I tried to make a fin controlled spaceship. It flew out of the atmosphere, spazzed, vanished, gnod crashed

hairball command spam

Setting off a nuke in rp_Hometown2000 (Which is prop heavy)

Generating a thumb nail for fake factory alyx.

Ah, this should do.

I don’t think it would crash if so many of the plates didn’t go underground and out the map.

There was nobody else there so i decided to cover the grass with huge plates and thats what happened

I pulled out my advdupe to save my postapocalyptic mobile home. I must have a thousand dupe files, at least, and I have them all in the main folder. Normally it takes 10 or so seconds to load them, but this time gmod just crashed to windows with no error report.

garrys bombs V3…everywhere. They were EVERYWHERE in gm_Bigcity and i was lagging hard. So i said screw it and boom. Thankfully i have 2 monitors so i didnt need to restart

I was an admin on a server, and the server owner (who’s name I won’t mention) told me I could have co-ownership if I spawned 3,000 cat skulls. Thank god he though it was funny when I crashed the server by busting out my stacker, setting it to 3,000, and stacking one of the barnacle’s skull gibs. :saddowns:

NOCLIPPING inside a freezed container and set off a nuke, BOOOOOM!

too many npc’s

igniting a jeep. that’s the only time I’ve ever got a BSOD

Alt tabbed and went to Facepunch and read this thread. Gmod crashed shortly after. Literally

these are actually really funny. If only Garry would join post his most epic crash…

Quoted for anti snip.

Two epic crashes in there