Most Important Garrysmod Addons?

What are the most important and major addons you have to have to play garrysmod or atleast have some fun?


PHX 3 and Wire are really the only ones you’ll ever need.

Some stools, PHX 3 and wire.

Totally not blowing my own trumpet: YouStream + FapHack

phx and lots of stools… i cant help being a perfectionist.

i was going to ask the same question

PHX and Wire, nothing else.
GMod gets slower the more addons u have, im thinking about removing all mine exept for PHX and Wire >.<

Vanilla gmod is the best gmod :downs:

Vanilla GMOD and wire!

PHX if you’re really interested in building.
Wire if you’re interested in learning how to use it and make better contraptions.



i use Phx and wire for fun
and ulx for administration

PHX, Wire, and Prop Resizer are pretty much all that are necessary.

PHX, Wire, SmartSnap, and Advanced Duplicator. I highly recommend using SVNs for PHX and Wire. The Advanced Duplicator comes with the Wire SVN.

But I also recommend both the Military Models Pack and Military 2, as well as the Stacker and Smart Welding.

Just use this thread i made.

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