Most models are missing eye textures?

This problem occurs with both my addons from GMOD 12 and models I download via the Steam workshop. It’s an easy process to install a mod from the workshop, so I’m not sure what the problem is, and why 70% of the models I currently have or try to download have black and purple checkerboard eyes.

Any suggestions or ideas as to how I can fix the eye textures? Deleting and reinstalling the broken models didn’t work. I thought about reinstalling Garry’s Mod but I’d prefer this as a sort of last resort to hopefully fixing these errors that are present with my game. I’ve installed a lot of stuff since 2006 that I’d rather not lose if possible.

May be an older addon conflicting with the models.

I guess if nobody else has any ideas or suggestions then I’ll just create a backup of my addons, reinstall GMOD and then test everything out one at a time to try and eliminate what might be conflicting. Thanks.

If it’s to any relevancy to the problem on hand, someone elsewhere had asked if I was using DX8 graphics, but he never responded after I told him that I was using a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 with DX11. I’m not sure what “DX8 graphics” are and how I could check.

If you have played any game in the past like 7 years you aren’t running DX8, most likely a texture issue like Mike Tyson said, if process of elimination doesn’t narrow you down to an addon, verify game cache on gmod to eliminate any potentially corrupt texture files.