Most of the official servers (including both german) are down for eternity?

Or what is going on? They already give up on this game?

I noticed it aswell.

All UK servers are apparently offline. All I’m getting is Belgium.

DOS attack?

This was called out 6 months ago, that Facepunch would do this.

If they do fully take down offical servers, it will just prove they are nothing but money grabbers.

However, hopefully it is part of them fixing the servers, and not them giving up.

UK servers are back up. Yay!

Like someone who played this game for long time is even doubted that.

…and all the UK servers are down again.

In, out, in, out, shake it all about. This game has the stability of a badly made blancmange.

Yea, look at all this greedy money grabbing by Facepunch, including rewriting almost the whole game so they can improve it greatly in the future rather then just adding more content to a broken game. I mean clearly that Facepunch being the huge money grabbers they are just rewriting their whole game so they can add microtransactions or something rather then for their fans even though they have already got 90% of their sales. /s

Aaaaaaand the UK servers are down. Again.

But never Belgium, it seems. Belgium is always the last official server standing. Good old Belgium. Great beer. Good server. What more do you need?