Most popular game mode to start a new community?

In the past I have owned multiple communities, or more accurately, 1 successful community that we wound up not having time for and revamps that ended up the same way. But now I have time and money to keep it up and running strong, I have enough Coding experience to maintain any game mode as I’ve done a server for just about all of them. My real question here would be what game mode should I start my community with? A small 20 slot server is what I’m thinking as a start, I already have all of the scripts I would need to start a community so that’s a time saver. I haven’t played GMOD in a couple months and I miss it, so I’m thinking TTT or Deathrun, not sure though… opinions? (Sorry I dragged this on)

Depends on 1. your personal preference and 2. What you plan on gaining from hosting. If you’re in it for the donations then Darkrp is the easiest to milk without much work, or simply add pointshop to any kind of Deathrun, TTT gamemode and watch the money roll in. If it’s more about a community base and you really wish to keep a loyal users and keep donations to minimum while you grow then maybe look into either more “Serious” Darkrp servers for example SWRP or MRP (My personal opinion I wouldn’t call them serious but some do so not going to be biased with my own opinion on them) Or go super serious which is your best bet for keeping a community loyal, but required a lot of work and good admins. Honestly pick what you believe would be most fun for you, not just how fast it grows but more on what you believe you will be motivated to keep open and enjoy your self. If you don’t enjoy it your self why would anyone else? Rant over I wish you the best. - Happy Hosting

20 slots = minigame server

Most populars would be Darkrp and TTT. And there are few less populars that get a lot of players actually. Even Sandbox got a bit popular recently a bit more then usual, i have seen a lot of 32/32 sandbox servers.

If your server has 20 slots i see little to no point in hosting darkrp or any other RP game mode as its too little players.

I have money that’s no issue, I’ll accept donations of course but I just want a community full of people to have fun, that’s all…

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I don’t want to do Dark RP, sorry should’ve specified that! Not until later on atleast…

Try something unique, hire a coder or learn to make a custom gamemode for your server.

Try to build up a niche playerbase/community so you always have a dedicated community who play regularly

After building up said playerbase, branch out a bit if you’d like to try to attract more players.

Something that hasn’t really been customized on a lot is Zombie Survival. Maybe look for a coder willing to work on a ground-up gamemode that offers a similar experience but different playstyle.

Become the first guy to host nZombies.