Most Popular RP Map?

Hey Guys,

What do you all think is the most popular Roleplay map, that will attract the most joiners for my server? it’s a bit of a shallow (better word?) question, but i just can’t choose one map. The server is running a modified version of DarkRP (coded be me) if it helps at all.



Just look what maps the most polular servers use. A good map is still worthless without good addons.



Downtown with less gray and more places to go like the downtown RPwars map

Use hometown1999.

Using a popular map won’t bring people to your server, it will bring them to one of the other hundred servers with the same map.

The most popular maps by category…

Most Used: rp_downtown_v2
Most Epic: Evo-City (can’t remember full name)
Most Mingey: rp_hometown2000 / rp_downtown_v2

Use rp_downtown_ubyutown if you can get it to work. It’s like Rp_Downtown_V2 - only bigger and has a nightclub.


It’s old, but if you’re going to start a new server this is a great map for 10-20 people.
There’s a PD, Mayor’s Office, some apartments, Gun Shop, PC Shop, Restaurant, and some things I can’t remember now.

Alright, i’ll run hometown 1999 for a while and see how it goes.

rp_ovisity v4 its EPIC

Server IP?

I’ll post up the IP when i get home.