Most popular server?


I only recently started actually paying for games and hey, I guess it’s not so bad. (Except for the fact I’m not buying SHIT off Steam anymore unless it’s a week-end. Bought HL2 for $20 two days ago, the day after it was at $6. rage)

So I bought HL2 and gMod and was wondering what’s the most popular server, the one that’s most known, a good place to start roleplaying and learning? I KIND OF figured out how to build stuff (more or less, not really, I can just spawn shit and weld it together to create giant phalli) but pretty much know nothing else. From what I’ve seen though, most RP servers are rather RPG than RP? Do you actually ROLEPLAY? Create consistent characters that act out a role in the world, or just go, get a job, do what the job tells you to do, get money?

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Roleplay doesn’t exist in Garry’s Mod… It’s the invite of stupidity that keeps people believing their is roleplay…

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There are various differet types of RP in GMod, even RPG, though I can’t remember what script that is. In terms of RP if you want quick little bursts that don’t require dedicaton to a character (you can drop them at any time with no consequence), then you should look into DarkRP and GModRP, there are plenty of Dark servers, and for that reason it is hard to find a good RP, the script has few limitations and attracts a large amount of idiots. At a stretch you could try Pulsar Effects Light RP server. Though I’ve never seen any stories of real RP come from there.

For dedicated RP, you could look into TnB, one of the biggest, oldest and most well known communities. But they do have abusive CPs, and elitism out of the asshole, making it a bit hard for new players to get into the RP. There is also the Pulsar Effect serious server which I don’t known much of. Meteornet (if you can find t), and many other servers running scripts sch as Cakescript also offer great RP.

DarkRP and GModRP use proper job systems where you can pick from a list of dedicated jobs, or set a custom one. Any money you earn in these tends to go towards food, doors, guns and muggings. Other RP servers will use a job system to a certain extent, cakescript uses flags, which are a base job, you then build a real job over this. Other scripts may not even have a jb list, and you just have to RP yourself into a job by asking for employment.

Thanks hexpunK.

Get out, seriously. You are telling people that there is no RP on Gmod because you only read a blog that tells so? Seriously, stop trying. Some people enjoy it.

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Well… Ugh… I can’t really guarantee this is the case 24/7, but on a week by week basis TnB is the most popular RP server. I’d rather not turn this post into an advert so I’ll just link here: and get on with it. Truly, the ability to build is somewhat useless in any good Roleplaying server. You’ve really got a few choices as regards roleplaying theme. There is, for example (and seemingly what you’ve based your post on) real life RP. This exists mainly in GmodRP and DarkRP servers, though I must say I can’t recommend either of them. It would really be a stretch to call what goes on in Gmod RP servers or DarkRP servers roleplay, but however.

There is also, on the other hand Half-Life 2 Roleplay. As you can no doubt guess, it’s based in the Half Life universe and obviously works well due to compadibility with Vavle’s Hammer. The link that I posted above, TnB, is Half Life 2 roleplaying primarily though they do in fact have 2 Terminator Roleplay servers as well (again, can’t say I recommend the Terminator servers.) There are a couple of new, somewhat successful servers springing up, such as Live in Fear’s Fallout server ( and Necropolis’ Starship Troopers server (this is more the general community but anyway: . Everything in this paragraph (besides T:RP) I heartily recommend checking out, I’ve gotten some good and serious roleplay from each of them. Really, your understanding of roleplay seems fine to play at any of these servers as is.

Oh God, I’ve let this get a little long but anyway… “Bon Voyage, and best of luck in your future endevours!” (though I might see you at one of these communities, we’ll see.)

Wait, there’s an online mode to HL2?

most popular rp server is 24/7 Serious City Rp always full 40 slot.

most popular zombie survival server is NoxiousNet server.

And i think first one is GMT TOWER 60 slot and full 24/7

hey man,i luv to go to freeman n breens epic rp server,man tht stuff is fun on there!!


well your just STUPID enough to not think theres a rp in gmod,becuse youve probly never played it before.

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You could safely say, there is little roleplay in Gmod.

To an extent. It’s set before the arrival of Gorden Freeman but other than that, yeh.

But you need gMod, right? HL2 basic doesn’t have a multiplayer mode yeah?

The two main types of RP are RLRP (Real Life RolePlay), which is where everything you do has no relation to the HL2 storyline, and there is HL2RP (Half Life 2 RolePlay), where all the roleplay takes place either before, during or after Gordan Freeman’s arrival and/ or during the Combine takeover.

There are also various little roleplay themes in GMod as well, Zombie RP, Post-Apocalypse, Fallout

If you’re European, don’t bother joining it. Very high ping. Just go to one of the less popular European servers (Killa’s, Stoned Potatoes, Greens)

Well, you can go based on the most popular. In general the most popular as far as roleplay goes are the worst in terms of serious roleplay. Sure you can go with TacoNBanana, but what you’ll get is just like what Walmart delivers. Cheap and low quality. The best communities are the ones that are hard to find.

We aren’t very well known, but heh, you can join us at time to time, we have few people on our server, but its good because most of them aren’t minges, and myself and the other admins are on almost most of the time. You can look at our thread [720] 24/7 Serious Roleplay.

Also as for a popular server, go with [] 24/7 Serious city roleplay


You could always use HL2:DM. They used to have some good RP servers on that.

Sierous City, as we have seen, is a minge server. (DarkRP)
NoX has always been a minge fest, as the admins don’t care, and in fact usually encourage it.
And how in God’s name is Gmod Tower a RP server?

I reccomend the terminator and resident evil roleplaying servers by