Most Realistic Skyscraper Public Judging

Well I finally have time to write this entire thing out so here goes.





i voted for NOCTURNATIX

very nice skyscrapper

Holy fishtits crazymonkay is a clear winner.

Good work everyone.

ep9832 is close.

ep9832’s one is amazing but NOCTURNATIX kicks it’s ass!

NOCTURNATIX’s is nice, but it doesn’t really seem like a skyscraper to me.

Voted crazymonkay

Crazymonkay’s looks nice in Gmod and his interiors are badass, but EP9832 is far and away the closest to what modern skyscrapers look like.

I think that any city always looks better at night. I think in this case NOCTURNATIX’s tower will get my vote.

I voted for 223344 because his building is very clean, and very well done.

Everyone has made some really awesome skyscraper.

As one that holds a degree in Architecture while persueing a Masters, I say that ep9832 has to most stunning and realistic design. It provides ample square footage of space, plenty of fenistration, and an eco friendly well designed exterior shutter which would improve cooling costs immensely.

Well done!

Only quarrel is that while Crazymonkey’s design is well done, his building lacks fenistration and architectural design intent (in my opinion).

While I do appreciate that, I should note that this building is heavily based off of Renzo Piano’s New York Times Building. He’s da man with da masta plan.

Ep<insertnumbershere> has the most realistic looking one. Yet I feel as though the design is not your own.

This is correct, however, we are allowed to recreate other buildings.

“Must include the picture/video of the building your doing(if your making up a building then just have some blue-prints of some sort)”

NOCTURNATIX (and Paw?) have also done the same.

ep9832 really does have the best in my opinion. Just the amounts of detail put into the structure is awesome. And like he said, it isn’t of his own design, it is still the best true skyscraper. NOCTURNATIX has what would be considered a midrise at best.

Doesn’t change the fact that you got my vote.

Voted ep9832.

Great job!

Although ep9832 may have used the overall architecture, he excels in the details, something which cannot easily be copied.

ep9832, I love that building and he did the actual design justice. But don’t think I’m putting the other entries down, they’re all masterfully done.

Voted Crazy. Love that lobby and the interior in general.