Most recent/Least buggy Jailbreak style game mode?

About a year or two ago, I played on a Gmod server with a Jailbreak gamemode. I fell in love with the game, but my enjoyment was always foiled by an abusive admin, a mic spammer who couldn’t be banned because he had donated, or, (most commonly) 12 year olds on the mic. Really, I don’t know what about Jailbreak seems to attract kids, but I wish it didn’t. I’d considered making my own server, but the group owning the server claimed it was private, and was trying to sell the rights to use it for $200.

Recently, I came back to garry’s mod and noticed some more jailbreak servers, with different names. These still, of course, have tons of little kids. But after looking up gjail, I found the game mode to be free, albeit with a lot of complaints about bugs.

Anyway, I noticed a lot of people went off to create their own version of the game mode, but none of them linked back, so I don’t really know if they were successful. So could someone direct me to my best possible option, if I were to want to start a server? I’m code illiterate, and don’t have the time to learn lua to make my own. It would probably end up worse than the existing ones anyway.

These guys are pretty good,

I know the person who created the gamemode, it is a very friendly community with active admins.

Thanks, but I’m looking more for a mod I can put on a server of my own, rather than a server to play on.

If you think my server was so shitty. I dare you to do better. After all it seems, I can contain a player base while you can do what exactly?

Dismissing complaints with “do better yourself” is not a good marketing strategy.

I’m not actually going to dignify this with a proper response. I just want everyone to take a look here and see the sort of thing that ruined this guy’s server for me. The problem is that he and some of his admins were like this all the time, not just when they’d been insulted. Not to say that it was all bad, but that’s just an inherent problem with letting people buy admin. The kids seemed to really love the server, but I wanted somewhere a little more mature. And not in the “Boobs and Weed” kind of way.

I don’t know where you can get a good script, but maybe try and work together with a jailbreak server team that you liked to make a better script