Most stable server provider?

I have had a gmod server with a few different hosts before, and the main problem is undoubtedly crashing. Does anyone know what the most stable server provider is?


It 's a bit expensive but it never crashes

Most providers (as long as they’re not overburdening their hardware) are pretty stable. The thing to look at is your server config. In the past, my spacebuild server would be the crashiest thing out there because it would be running for hours (sometimes days) without a restart or map change, whereas my Stalker server would be extremely reliable because of the map changes after each round.

Guys, don’t start posting random server hosts.

Its not Random.

You have to pay for unbranding…
I currently using their service to my server, so far so good. ( if you want to test it out )
Do not buy from Xeon, they might have cheap prices, but the quality is shit if you’re going to have more then 8+ people on the server at the same time.

Too bad they only have servers in Europe.

I use GTX Gaming, they’ve been fine for me. I believe they have both UK & US servers.

It’s a one-man operation by the most immature person I’ve ever seen.

Nobody better even say Xenon.

I actually used to use them, I will probably go back to them, just wanted to see if any provider is known to be more stable.

Thanks everyone.

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Oh god thats the most unprofessional shit I have ever seen, and that guy sounds about 12.

Well, like I said. They’ve been fine for me.

Any service can be fine until you have to deal with support.

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Jason is an alias of Matt (the owner). Chris I believe, was the only person actually hired.

the staff response where a bit raw, specially the last few.

However, if the customer was getting hit by a small attack there is little a small host like that could do. Or little the vast majority of large hosts can do either.

At least they gave her a refund? She was getting attacked and insisted that they could block it, which they might not have been able to do. They’re only offence there was bad customer service (manners/phrasing), but good customer service with a refund.