Most stupid reason you got banned from a Gmod server V2: Coughing at someone is RDM Edition

Seeing as the last thread got locked and nobody’s made a new one yet, I figured I might as well reset the ball rolling. So what stupid reasons have you been banned from gmod servers?

I was once banned from a server that was using flatgrass because I accidentally spawned in front of an admin’s car contraption and “messed up his race”.

“Killing people on spawn, rules we’re :
Spawn killing is allowed.”

Kinda stupid.
I spawned a wire facer with 10 turrets on it btw, then sat in a seat and noone could kill me but i could kill them.


i once got banned on a darkrp server because i changed my job to prostitute and pretended to bang the mayor who was some kid on voicechat then i spoke with a man voice in vc and scared him :v:

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wow what a sentence

Long ago I joined a server. Started moving, next thing I knew I get banned. Reason- “messed up my screenshot”.

Not letting the admin dupe my contraptions.

Some half-RP war server,you had builder and soldiers. Builders could only build,soldiers could only use contraptions and shoot. I made a contraption that looked shitty but was strong,and idiot admin permabans me for: “ugly thing”. The owner demoted the admin and unbanned me tho.

I threw one of those breakable HL2 crates off a roof on a DarkRP server, and somehow it actually hit someone, doing about five damage, had a laugh.
And then I was banned for prop killing.

I just got banned from a server for 10 minutes.

I didn’t even do anything.

I spawned a big prop on Sandbox and I was banned for 348783 years (or something like that).

I just got permabanned because an admin physgunned me (he was completely invisible, including physgun beam) and his genius friend thought I was “noclip hacking”.

So need to try that one to troll some idiot admins :smiley:

I got banned from a PERP server and me and another person was rading a building (drugs) the other person saw some drug plants clipping out of the wall, then he raided the building and we burned the plants, which we were supposed to then the person we raided called a admin that banned us for meta gaming.
Btw the reason we where out there was because that there was a fire, and as police men we checked it out (btw there wasent any fire fighters.) then we ask if he needs any help and the person starts shooting at use. We then break down the door and then we chase him and then we come to a door that where the plants were clipping out of the wall, and then we break down that door and kills him and destroy the plants. And then a admin says that we where banned…

Okay i do get that my partner saw the plants and since the plants wouldent be clipping out of the wall in real life it was meta gaming, but the person still shot us.

If you want to do that Pantho just test it out on your own staff, I’m sure they meet the qualifications you’re looking for.

I got banned for joining this darkrp server and calling the owner’s cousin a batty boy, he gave me a perma with the reason “your mum” I’m not joking.

Indeed they do.

You got banned for calling someone a batty boy? This is a thread for stupid ban reasons, not stupid idiots who got banned.

I was banned in TTT for killing people in a process of elimination manner. Fuck that shit.

Join a server

Say “hello” in chat

Banned immediately. Reason was “French server no English”.

Did I mention I’m French ?

On any TTT sever you can get banned because that is considered rdm. Nobody wants to be killed by a guy who randomly guessing through elimination, though people who do that usually announce that so and so is a traitor because they were the only one around in that area or they heard gunshots from that area.

I once killed somebody because I was 95% certain he was a T, and was called out for RDM.

I knew he was a T because we left 2 people behind in a room. He had an SMG. We heard SMG fire from that room and somebody dying.

Okay, just don’t be a dick and inform the player.