Most underappreciated tool

What the christ.

EDIT: This thread is now about timewarps.

What the christ.

EDIT: This thread is now about timewarps.

I think Conna is the most underappreciated tool

I have to say Abe is the most under-appreciated tool.


Kirad is sure going to be pissed at you.

But I’m referring to you.

What the christ are you talking about
also gmod_toolmode leafblower


Hoverball, now that we got wire nobody ever uses hoverballs to make things fly

Muscle tool and statue tool are probably used the least

Out of all the others available

Paint remover tool. In my opinion EXTREMELY useful if you want to clean up some blood or scorches from some minges DMing.

There’s a paint remover tool? :jerkbag:

I sure as hell don’t I use thrusters and put them in the appropriate places that allows me to accelerate, gain latitude, and turn left and right. Besides I don’t know how to use them, nor have I tried X.X

This might sound odd but I would consider Weld the most under appreciated tool.


So you mean, there’s a swep that runs r_cleardecals in console, and in the admin’s case the server sends that command to each player.
EDIT: Seems like too much work for me. Sorry that this isn’t the lua forum, but I had to.

function ClearDecals(pl)
   if !pl:IsAdmin() then return end
   for k, v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
      v:ChatPrint("Paints have been removed")
concommand.Add("ClearDecals", ClearDecals)

I have to say the ‘nail’ tool.

Unbreakable because often I like using wood to build then welding it with nail tool so it’s perfect, so them two I guess.