Most underated gamemode?

What is everyone’s favourite gamemode. Is there a gamemode that isn’t well known that you like (that you can probably play for hours on end)?

Listing some old game modes because they were fun as fuck:
Go Fish (still 1 server up for it in NA)
ReDead (alternative to Zombie Survival, you can’t barricade up and hold out)
Winter Survival (Is this advertising?)
Star Wars Sagas (fun as fuck until you hit the point you need to grind, long download too)
Retro Teamplay (if you can get some friends together, the servers are always dead)

Ground Control

well i play my own game mode for hours on end developing it if that counts :wink:

  1. Spacebuild Factions

It’s an aliens-vs-humans interplanetary capture the flag and space battle game. It used to be called GlobalRP and was originally created by Ring2Ding.

  1. Cityscript

An RP gamemode based on Cakescript G2 that has some similar features to DarkRP - but at the same time has its own stuff.

The UI is a bit broken at the moment due to the deprecation of DPanelList however that will be fixed shortly.

So that Cityscript is what you have been working on? Look neat

Thanks! Although this one is not the big RP gamemode I’m working on right now with the electricity system, organizations and custom models (that one is named SeriousRP). This CItyScript is actually an older one I made, based on Cakescript G2. I made it after passing DarkRP development over to Falco. It used to be called DarkerRP but has changed a lot since then.

Spacebuild Factions is pretty much fixed now - it is playable.

It needs either:

Ok thanks for releasing it xD I’m going to look at the code and learn because I want to have a rp gamemode too :3

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Still hoping to see your SeriousRP tho, realistic af with the electric system and stuff
You got me hyped the first time you post those stuff at WAYWO

Good luck understanding the code, CityScript is not my best work, in terms of pretty code. But it does work (assuming that one client side error that got introduced in a recent update can be sorted).

CityScript is a “little bit messy” because it was initially rushed and I kept bolting stuff on trying to finish it off. Also, I didn’t understand the original author’s mechanisms so well until later on in the project, so it’s a bit of a mish-mash.

SeriousRP doesn’t have that problem, which you’ll see when I release it later on this year - if you’re working on your own gamemode, I recommend going for modularity and clarity from the start if you can, rather than taking any style tips from CityScript - you are free do what you like with it however, of course!


Underdone RPG

Can’t even put a little effort into your shitty plug?

Just look at his pokemonrp servers. Next world stuff right there…

How are you allowed to sell that gamemode when all you did was edit it a little bit?

For ~$45 too, iirc

Oh look all the SuperiorServers idiots coming out of closet to attack me, stick to your own DarkRP edit thanks.

I have no PokemonRP servers, DarkRP or edits of DarkRP, but thanks for making yourself look silly.

Underdone RPG is a underrated gamemode and I have simply mentioned it.

I should also mention gmod Stranded as well.

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goiz superior servars is an underreted admin mode u shuld all play on it and give me your rp buxxxx

not-so-subtle jab at all the people harassing commander aside, yes, Underdone RPG is underrated.

You guys are the only ones mentioning superior servers.

I’ve never even played on that server, I just disagree with what you’re doing.

You know you don’t have to purchase it to play on any of the servers that are hosted right?
People clearly buy it and make their money back in donations.
Just like every other script sold on ScriptFodder. (common sense?)

And i’m disagreeing with your public harassment of a person bringing light to a gamemode that is related to the topic but also just happens to be developed by the person.

But that doesn’t excuse EITHER of us for getting off topic and harassing people.

I don’t care about scripts being sold, it’s just that you’re selling a gamemode you didn’t make, patched it up and added a couple gimmicks and now are selling it for $60