Most used add-ons?

What are the most usually used add-ons for garrys mod that are on most servers?

Links please if possible.


Phx3 This is probably the easiest way to get the majority of them

Smart Snap, Easy Precision and No Collide Multi GO!

Smartsnap, Easy Precision, Wire, Wire Extras, Phx3,

Gcombat is used a lot.

Phx and wiremod

PHX, Wiremod

Gmow and PHX3

Stacker Tool is used somewhat, but to me, its extremely useful.

easy precision

…What does that mean? Oh yeah, no…no we cant do that, we’re going to make you look for it yourself, because we want to be helpful >_>



That’s all I know, I actually wanted to know what the popular addons were.

ones that others said:
SMart Snap

stacker tool

easy percision

gcombat Here are the SVN links. You will keep your addons new. - And here is the SVN Client that i use.

Fading Door Tool
Unbreakable (for me anyway I like using wood to build things then weld it with nail)

SmartSnap, Wiremod, PHX3, Unbreakable, sometimes Connas Fading Door. :dance:

SmartSnap also, it’s awesome with Easy Weld.

On the server that I visit, we have PHX3, Condition SWEPs, Wiremod (though no one knows how to use it), the SAW pack, the big vehicle pack, EvoCity2, and every tool in Conna’s tool pack.

Connas tools is really useful, but it needs to be updated. I use wiremod more.

Wire, PHX, SmartSnap. Those are essentials for everyone.

Essentials for me are Buoyancy (on maps with water), Stacker, Model Manipulator, and Unbreakable.