most useless thing you ever made

I have seen a lot of funny crap on gmod SHOW ME YOURS!

print( "Hello world" )

Print("Hello Wurld)"

this is more of what i was thinking
its a whole bunch of bump maps

Holy shit, that looks quite sexy, mind showing me/us the code?

sure once i have it working the way i want it to but all it is is multiple refract rings expanding
once i have working with one ent i will post it


so the watermelons gib but don’t gib… cool :downs:

[lua]monies = 14

function wallet()
print(“You have $”…monies…" in your wallet.")

I made an awful box that can extend upward then outward to make a wall. I also made one that stretches based on directional velocity, but in the wrong directions.

Sorry, no pictures.

Some of my test SENTs have been interesting, for a while I had a little ball that simply oriented itself back to 0,0,0 whenever you turned it. There was another one that just went in circles whenever you threw it (That was actually fairly interesting).

I would say this thread

You made this thread with lua?

Ofcourse, didnt you know that lua is the language of the universe?

They shoot chunks of watermelon at eachother.

I think this is kinda useless:

I was going to make it for a gamemode but gave up, so it’s useless.

While it looks great, I can’t think of any practical use for that.


Looks like a flash game I played once, yuo had to take over other cells, or something like that