Most well hidden spot?

Hey guys!

So in my time on rust, I’ve found a few very well hidden spots amongst resources. My favorite being a small crevice in some rocks just on the outskirts of small rad town. In between the barn and entrance, to the right (when facing rad town entrance) you will see a lone tree, if you go there and crouch, you will see a small crevice in the rocks where you can build a very well situated but very well hidden base. (I’d post a screenshot but don’t have too much time at the present moment)

So I was wondering, what places have you found that are close to resources, but extremely well hidden?

It might be a good spot to hide yourself / save some resources temporarily, but it won’t last long. I’d move further away from those crowded spots.

This should help you:

There are some spots in the hills which cover your house up to 75% (useful against C4 raids) and which are hard to find.

we have found a perfect one. but it will be a cold day in hell when i give away the location. Its large enough to build up a very substantial house or two. Even going up many floors. we are around 6-7 right now. Its off the beaten path so no one will accidentally happen upon it. And its also cramped enough where filling up the buildable foundation to prevent siege stair spots is easy. You cant see the campfires from anywhere except right infront of it. its a hop skip and a jump to both rad town and old rad town and a couple very well stocked resource fields. I cant think of one single con to being in this location. Perfectly hidden, well supplied, ample building room

While hiding your small houses might work for protection from honest players. Cheaters using ESP and other hacks will have your hiding place outlined in their information overlay and no amount of hiding will save you from that…

I build my shack once on a platform you couldn’t get on except by putting down a sleeping bag and dieing. I used a crate to transport stuff in. It was 100% concealed, but got discovered when someone build a tower near.

Had my 1x1 shack built into rocks miles east of hacker valley. I thought I couldn’t make it any more safer, was happy for days. All changed when i got really lucky and scored airdrop all to myself - which included precious explosives. With c4 and explosives BPs I was all set for good raiding times - no small feat for a lone player on 100+ server - only to be raided in less than 1 hour after i stored explosives in the shack - makes me wonder if my shack was always on the radar of hackers and they just didnt bother with travelling untill i had something good to take.
By the time i scraped enough materials to rebuild again - server had a wipe :\

I would suggest NOT TO log in on BREX’s given rust map url. You might be giving your user name and password away.

Not saying that it’s brex’s url.

I tried logging in but it said wrong password or username. Changed my password really quick.

Omg! It’s gone now. gg

Edit: But yea, don’t if you don’t trust it. It’s not mine either so… I don’t care.

My base is just a bunch of crates. Much safer than any base you can build.

Use the Rust Map. Go over to Hacker Mountain South/North.

I think I have found that is a decent hidden spot, there are others, but there is quite the bit of mountains to hide in and it’s far from the the Prime Spots in the game, near Zombies/Loot Drops.

I’m gonna try this! Gonna put small stashes in different hidden locations and see how it works out.

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Thanks for all your responses and tips guys!! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

To the OP, that’s one of my favorite hiding spots as well, also works well for towering up as it’s very difficult/near impossible to staircase up the side of it, forcing people to go at it 1 floor at a time. you can build a 1x2 and, w/ careful foundation placement, place pillars (even though it’ll look like they’re in the rocks, which, they are :p) and build up from there. Super great spot.

My all time favorite though is up in the mountains between radtown valley and hacker valley, some rocks overlap and create a little cave, room for a 1x1 in there that’s hidden in the shadows, so you have to be deliberately looking for just that spot to find it, otherwise it’s barely noticeable. Great for starting out because you only have to build a foundation, a doorway and a door, the rest is sealed off by the mountain. Good place to hide out and gather supplies til you get enough to build a fortress.

Happy Rusting!

Sort of near split-rad on the outskirts of French Valley there’s a little gap in some rocks that open up to a perfect hideaway for a 1x2 base. Sure, you can’t really build a super defensive base there or anything, but it’s a great starting spot.

I realize that my “directions” are horribly useless, but I’m skeptical about giving away the location anyways. :zoid:

This made me laugh:

Then it made me realise why procedural map generation will be a good thing for this game. It opens up the possibility for per-server maps, giving veterans less advantage and more of a challenge by having to learn a new environment.

Looking at the heat map my spot isn’t traveled at all. Great news.
And I’m not telling.

There is a place called the rabbit hole at “5682” “521 " " -3060” Super well hidden in the mountains.
Only enough space for 1 foundation and a doorway. You have to crouch to get in but its a great spot to place items.

Seems to me they followed you back… They likely figured that attacking you there was too risky, so they decided to follow from afar to not only note where your base is, but where the drop resources are as well.

9AD is a great place for people who dont mind walking

Theres a nice opening in the mountains right on the edge of the map you can build a HUGE base and it wont be discovered unless somebody travels to the complete edge of the map.
Just follow the right side of the ocean outside of small rad, towards hacker. Stick to the coast keep moving until the trees disappear. Look to your left youll c a tiny path going into the mountains, up that path is the unknown safe haven.

To get back to civilization follow the ocean coast. If you ever get lost in Hacker or Wasteland just find the Ocean. Half way between your base you can branch off and get some resources in wasteland, it’s a slow process but it is how you can survive on huge populated servers.

12 T is also very good for people who want to be close to small rad, build a 3x3x4 cube with individual walls and keep all your stuff in the middle rooms of each floor. 4 C4min to get inside your base and it’s cheap to build, the higher you go the safer you are. The alternative to this is to make a maze with a few entrances and exits (for home defense) and require somebody to go from each room to get to your staircase, so they have to get through 6 rooms if they dont know where your staircase is.

1st Floor
x x x
x x x
x x x <— Staircase
|— Entrance

2nd Floor

| x x x
|-> x x x <-- Exit
x x x <----- Staircase

It’s not the perfect base but it is very ideal it won’t take you a lot of resources to get your first floor done, just make sure you have metal doors leading to each room. Think of the movie Cube, place spiked walls around your staircase and all around the outside, you can glitch them in between walls too. Raiders will normally stay away from the tedious required to get in, even if they blow a few walls they will lose interest unless they have a lot of resources. If you build it high enough you can even place all your gear on one floor and let the raiders try to figure out which center room has all the loot in.

I only get discovered by people who use ESP…

Since then I build inside of rocks. It may be a glitch/exploit but rust is about survival of the smartest. :wink: