Most you have ever lost in a single death.

I guess you can tell I am a tiny bit salty on losing my MP5 and stacks of resources plus research kits/paper however, what is your single biggest lost so far in a single death? I imagine there are some good ones.

14 foundations 40 planks 3-5 stacks of metal fragments 2 m4s with all attatchments some med kits etc…

Can’t you use the research kits / papers and then they become permanently bound to you? Or is that just blueprints.

Research kits just make it so that you can learn the item and you can make it whenever but you dont keep the item you learn in your inventory forever through death

Lost my gun, and a full set of cloth armor.

When you rarely got off Hatchet stage it was a huge accomplishment until I died. I got pissed off and quit playing for like a week after that.

Lol yea your like, wow im really doing good. And then you see like 5 kevlars rushing you haha

I once only had one respawn point in my base, got raided by 5 people when it was just me and my buddy. We lost over 2000 metal, 1500 wood, 7 research kits, a large crate full of m4’s and shotguns, and about 500 of each ammo.

When you are “farming” its best to wear leather and use a p250. Because you die most often when farming because your back is turned, and your paying attention to all the ore and wood. And youll be less upset when you lose that stuff, than if u lost a m4 with all attachments + kevlar.

I almost made it to the hatchet stage today, Being my first day on, Was rather excited… Trusted a nice naked gentleman brandishing a rock, Told him he could have some metal fragments out of the fire too, I just wanted to make enough to make a hatchet. He didn’t respond… I got my fragments and looked away from my desktop. Only to look back as he bludgeoned me to death… I love this game… So very much…

i lost my pic axe i was really sad then i quit.

Yea honestly do not trust anyone… all that is to it with this game

one time i lost my p250 i quit after that because the game sucks too much kos fffs

No. Just be smarter about it. You wont be killed on sight unless you give someone the opportunity. Just avoid people until you can set yourself up with at least leather armor and a p250.

Strafe hard af and run lol

Today I was walking around and i filled my bag with a lot of wood about 15 stacks of 250 and I thought it would look cool if i made all the stacks 125 so it would take up more space, so I threw my rock out real fast so i could sort out all my wood in stacks of 125 because i thought it would look cool. Then the weirdest thing happened… someone picked my rock up and hit me and killed me. So i quit…

3k metal frags, tons of m4’s, 2k+ 5.56, 5+ sets of kevlar, 20+ charges.
this was before the dupe glitch was introduced. i flipped balls when i died…

I’m talking about back when the game was Hatchet, Flare, Medkit upon starting.

“Too much KOS”
To my recall you were KOSing me and other fresh spawns a couple days ago.

I keep losing ROCKS! Bloody Rocks, People kill fresh spawns who are hitting trees. Real MLG players we have here!

This game really need some solid chest system that can be locked from other players or etc. (with limited space perhaps?).

I’m 80% sure he was being sarcastic, my friend.

I once lost a shit ton of stuff. I remember getting first to an air drop and gathering a ton of grenades and C4s. I then decided to risk it and blast my way inside this wooden base that was blocking the item spawn near some 4 bunkers. As I go inside, I check the boxes to see a shitload of weapons, food and different stuff. I proceed to have an immense nerdgasm. I then hear footsteps, panic, and take aim while standing still. Bandosl0lz pops out of no where and shoots me in the face before I can even hit him.
That was a long time ago and it’s one of the main reasons I fear playing on PVP servers.
I’ll get you back some day, man.