MOTD Design - How To "Properly" Style My Horizontal Rules

The Example:

The Problem: In Firefox, that horizontal line shows up perfectly fine. In the Garry’s Mod HTML rendering (which I assume is a virgin WebKit), that line would be absent. I haven’t tested under Chrome (because I don’t feel like going to install it) but I assume it shows up fine under Chrome as well as Firefox. So this would be more of a Garry’s Mod related question than a Web Development question (though I’ll go ahead and post this thread in their Quick Questions thread just in case)

I made a Get Satisfaction post about it but it got no response so I’m wondering if this was just because I’m being stupid.

Maybe due to limitation of Webkit.
Note I’m going to take your code and try for myself and see what’s wrong if that’s all right with you.


What horizental line? Screenshot how it

That’s chrome btw.

Shows up fine for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in FF10.0 btw…