Hello, I wanted to know how would I go about making something like:
In some MOTDs, including the TCB One, you have buttons, which only set the url of a given HTML page, but I wanted also a button, which like, instead of opening a url, sets the content of the MOTD, like “Rules(url); Website(url); Settings(Custom content)”, how would I go about that?

A derma panel with buttons.
Make the buttons set the motd link when pressed (I think that’s what you wanted)

This is probably a better reference, Start out with a DFrame and look at things like DHtml, DLabel, or DButton. Also learn how parenting works

I know already how to set urls, just like in the tcb motd, but I also want a button, which DOESNT set the url, but instead, “closed”/hides the HTML, and sets custom content, like buttons etc.

I know how parenting works etc, he also means the same as you, with buttons setting the html, but I dont think you get what I want.

I DONT< want ONLY HTML. I also want a button, which CLOSES the html, and sets the DFrame content to stuff with buttons, but I dont know how to show/hide it if neccessary.

Bump ;-;

Bump, would really be useful to know.

Do I just parent the stuff to a DPanel, and use Hide()/Show() on it?

Not entirely sure what you are asking for, but take a look at this


Thats exactly what I want! Thanks!