Motd Management - Beta Release

Lately I have been working on a system called “MOTD Mangement” which is a system that allows you to manage your Motds for multiple servers in one easy to use web control panel. The way it’s setup you can make it so all of your servers use the same motd and when you update it, it gets instantly updated on all the servers, or have each server use a different motd, or a mixture of both!

There are 3 ways of motds being displayed on the server.

  1. HTML iFrame - For source engine servers. (Apparent problems by doing it that way, according to a beta tester.) – v. 2.01 Beta and later
  2. Direct Link - Used with included MOTD script (or your own) for gmod. – v. 2.01 Beta and later
  3. FTP Upload - Used for source engine servers. Most likely will add more variations for other engines. – v. 2.02 Beta and later

Unfortunatly I do not think type 3 is instant, would have to look into it more.

Here are some pictures:

I am looking for people to beta test the script. This is a private beta, meaning it will only be given to people that meet the beta criteria. If everything seems fine, then it will be released to everyone.

So if you want to be a beta tester, send me a PM only if you meet the following criteria.
-Owner of a community or at least a rank high enough in a community where you could upload and use this system. Or just a user that hosts multiple servers.
-Community or clan (or induvidual user) owning multiple servers. At least 2. In multiple source engine games is preferred.
-Able to read, and learn to use a control panel without someone holding your hand.

So if you meet the criteria, again, PM me with the following details:
Community/Clan Website (if applies):
Rank in Clan/Community (if applies):
Number of servers:
List of servers:

If you get a response from me and I give you the password to download the beta, you agree that you will not release it to anyone or re-upload it.

I will hand out beta’s to 5 people from Facepunch.
Number of beta’s handed out: 3

Developer Blog:

Why only five?

Yeah only five is retarded.

Because it’s not going to be beta for a long time, depending on how many bugs there are, if any. Plus I don’t want to hand out too many and not be able to keep track of all of them.

Community/Clan Website (if applies):
Rank in Clan/Community (if applies): Owner
Number of servers: 9 (Not very used yet, but they will)
List of servers: 7Gmod, 1Css, 1tf

I got a few question too.
What is it written in, if it run on multiple source engines?
How do you manage the motd?
How do the servers access the motd?
How does the instant update work? (push or pull)

Community/Clan Website (if applies):
Rank in Clan/Community (if applies): Management Team - Webserver Technician
Number of servers: Around 5
List of servers: 1 Gmod, 1 TF2, 1 SourceForts, 1 Jailbreak: Source, 1 CS:S Surf

I have the same questions as Nisd.

PHP: Hypertext Processor. Server Motd was coded in LUA.
Html Textbox in the CP. In a later version I will add TinyMCE for people without HTML knowledge.
iFrame, or for gmod, html panel
The motd is a website page where the information for the page is stored in the database. When you edit an motd in the control panel, it updates the database which then the web page is updated.

Might as well give it a try.

Okay I have just been shortly looking one it. And already I can say that I wont use it.

The problem about it, is that you use a HTML frame. The tend to freeze players computers for several minutes sometime before they load. I am one of the people experiencing that problem.

If you could find another way to render it. It would love it.

Hm, didn’t happen to me when I tested it, I will look into an alternative way. For the Gmod MOTD it doesn’t use iFrames so gmod shouldn’t have a problem.

FYI <div>s go in <body> tags not in <head>

Yeah, i forgot to make one edit when I was fixing a bug. Which was to move the </head> tag.

ROFL. HTML 101. :downs:

Version 2.02b has been released. All the bugs in 2.01b should be fixed, if not, let me know. This should be the last beta version. Contact me for the beta download link, or look at the devblog.

Some links:
Developer Blog: