Using MOTD Menu v2

[ERROR] lua/skins/default.lua:350: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'w' (a nil value)SkinHook - lua/skins/default.lua:350
OPaint - lua/vgui/dframe.lua:214
unknown - addons/motd_menu/lua/autorun/client/motd.lua:15

[ERROR] lua/derma/derma_gwen.lua:39: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'w' (a nil value)
Button - lua/derma/derma_gwen.lua:39
SkinHook - lua/skins/default.lua:386
OPaint - lua/vgui/dbutton.lua:85
unknown - addons/motd_menu/lua/autorun/client/motd.lua:28

“The error is clearly that the paint function is missing width (w) and height (h) arguments, which was a change when garry released 13” - that was, what someone told me; so how do I fix this?

That was ‘Uploaded 768 days ago’

If you don’t know how to fix it. Don’t try it.

Don’t be such a dick;
I’m not really good in lua; but I’m trying to learn everything I need - thats why I asking if someone knows how can I fix this?

I remember reading on garrys “Why the shit you coded no longer works” document that he overhauled the paint function.

the first change is the paint one, see if you can work it out from that?

Exactly. Work from the top and go through each function and see if Garry changed it in some way. After that, print errors here again and people will hopefully help you.

I’m sorry… tried it now the whole week, but I can’t do anything…
May I’m just to dumb - but it won’t work, always the same errors, and I don’t understand whats changed

here you go. it works, but the derma will stay at its default color until I take a look at it again, it’s late and I’m tired as balls

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ugh solidfiles is acting up

Thanks so much!
The only thing is - the icons are redblack on my version :open_mouth:

they’re working for me, hmmm

add me on steam

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oh, I see. apparently I messed up on the shield icon directory.

They are working for me


Fix Link

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