MOTD page I've been working on

Hey guys, been spending a while coding this page for the motd on my server. Let me know what you think and what I could improve on. All I really have left to do is finish the job rules and I will be done. All images and code where made and written by me.

This is the first webpage I’ve ever done.
You can view it here.

Change the update font from comic sans

please don’t use comic sans it’s just…

Things to use instead

obligatory comic sans criminal.

Apart from that, it looks nice. The colour scheme is ok, and the light up buttons are a nice touch.

be careful not to waste too much space on the right however, this isn’t Youtube.

Looks nice for a first motd.

I would try to condense rules a bit, I know there is going to be a lot but, it looks cleaner when there isn’t a wall of text on the entire page.

Use CSS transition on the buttons, will give it more attention to detail.

the font isnt comic sans, I think there is a problem with the custom font. I will have to look into it.