MOTD. - Tabs.

My question isn’t exactly lua…

But now that my motd loads HTML, and from a link, I’d like to know how to make TABS for it, in html. NOT loading other web-pages. Just where if you click on the tab, it loads that part of the html script, from the same file on the internet.

If this is too much to ask, then I’d need something that uses tabs, that loads another web-page UNDER the tabs. But I STRONGLY prefer the first one.


Did this myself.

But I used the way that I said to not. Bahz.

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IS there an html section?

Because my question also was lua, in that I said I might be able to use tabs ABOVE the html box, built into the motd window.

So please, Fuck - off…

you can use spry if you have dreamweaver for tabs

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Jesus christ you people don’t read.

I said I already did this myself…