MOTD to load each time connected

I need a motd for my server that loads again each time a player connects to the server.
I tried using Advanced MOTD but it didn’t load it if it had changes, so basically, if I changed the MOTD, everyone who had already gotten the MOTD saw it the same it was. The same was for if a player from differennt server connected to mine, and the another server had this same Advanced MOTD, the player still saw the another servers MOTD.

I also tried most of the MOTDs I saw on and they seemed not to work, so basically, what I need right now is a MOTD that will be loaded again and again each time a player joins the server.

Also, if there is any like that, is it possible to have like player wait for 10 seconds before he can press the “Close” button?

what admin mod are you using?

I’m using Exsto.

My admin mod ( CGAM ) has an MOTD plugin, you could use that?

Can I have a link for it? If the admin mod is good I might change it to the current one.