MOTD won't work

Hello, I am having issues with any MOTD addons that I try to use. No matter if it is paid or free they will not work. No errors or anything either. Can someone help?

I have a solution, follow these steps:
-open your PC case
-remove heatsink and fan from your CPU
-cut a slice of cheese (WARNING, any cheese will do but gouda! Remember that!)
-put heatsink back along with the fan
-turn your computer on

Once you’ve finished following these steps, post the actual code so we can see what might be faulty, thanks.

You should listen to him, he’s polish.

The instructions weren’t clear enough. My CPU transformed into some kind of dinosaur and now it’s destroying everything!

There’s a video tutorial, make sure you followed all the steps!

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Also, seriously now.
Can you post code atleast, before I or someone else gets banned?

It’s working now, at least the dinosaur is gone!

What issues are you having? Are the MOTDs not popping up when you join the server?

I think that as he said - they just don’t work at all.

Would be helpful if he posted code or atleast addons name.

Yes they are not popping up when I join. It is the NovusMOTD really any MOTD besides ulx doesn’t work.

If it’s Novus MOTD - contact the author.
I think you didn’t install it properly.

None will work. I downloaded a simple one and it didn’t work either.

You are putting it in your addons folder, right? If the answer is yes, which I hope it is. Then I’m guessing you have done something to your ULX/ULIB. Try installing a new copy off of github here.

How many did you buy to try? Honestly if a paid motd isn’t working you can ask the author for help…

Here’s a simple one that works:

Remove .html to view / download .lua… Save to: Server\garrysmod\addons\acecool\lua\autorun\client\cl_acecool_motd.lua