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Simple question:

Does motd cache the page and stop using the live url provided?


What addon is being used for the motd?

ulx - No, the webpage accessed is downloaded every time

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you could cache it, if you move the page from an url into the motd.txt provides by ulx.

That’s not caching at all

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Sorry for such a late response. The issues I am facing is unfortunately (and I know people hate it) but we have a youtube video embedded in a html page, which is being displayed through the motd. However the views do not appear to be ticking over. I was concerned the page was being cached, but with ulx as you said they do not.

Bit confused with whats going here?


It only counts views if the user watches the video, and if the video has more than 301 views, they are more strict about ‘real views’ if you call it that.

I would suggest adding google analytics to your website for a lot more data and precise information

Hi Scratch,
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The motd has no option to close for around 12 seconds, intially (I know I am terrible) forcing them to view it.

If twelve seconds (plus loading times) is the amount of time before the user closes the video, it could be that youtube decides that they didn’t actually watch the video, and is not considered a view