How do i setup a motd on my server?
And no, i dont want to download ass mod or ulx or some other admin mod.


Please, can somebody tell me?
It’s the last step of my server


I cant upload ulx or anything because my server host wont upload folders… and to upload all the single files in ulx and ulib would take forever.

Your supposed to zip the folders, then upload.

Or use FTP.

With all these threads you’re making, you really need to ask yourself,

“Am I fit for running a server?”

hint: no

It’s recommended to have an Admin mod.

If you don’t want one,

Good luck.

To upload multiple files, the most familiar way this community does it is to use winrar. Use google.

Put the files in a folder, compress. Upload, extract (or decompress).

If you’re using a host with TCAdmin (I believe you’re on Xenon, right?) you can use FTP, which is the normal way to do uploading, the File Manager is just a little supplement to that so that you can manage files when you don’t have an FTP client. Here’s Xenon’s knowledgebase page for FTP:

FTP + really, do your research before buying a server.