Hey I saw on a server where there was a really advanced motd, because there was tabs and all that shit. I really want that plugin to my own server. Ohh and im making a Darkrp server so if anyone have some good plugins for darkrp / or a server please write also :slight_smile:

What im looking for in small words:
Advanced MOTD with TABS

Thanks in advance

They were just using lua’s Derma Controls, and triggered it to execute when you first spawn.
In other words, unless you know lua, or know somebody who does, it probably won’t happen.

You could also just link to a multi-paged website in your MotD.

I will code you an advanced, customisable MOTD like the one you described for $5.

You require people to pay you all the time just for something simple.

He has to feed his family

I’m not that kind of person who pay money for these pretty simple things.
so there aren’t a easy motd thing with tabs?

i’ll do it when i have time


$5 plz

Damn aren’t you reading my topic’s I said that i didn’t want to pay for it. If you want help me without money then I don’t want it.

Only gentlemen do it for free.

lol fight!!!

Con artist.

I could probably do it back when I was an utter programming noob.