Mother moon watching over me

Play song for a fun carry on to psychopathic bubz world


Song explains this trip.

Mushroom Mushroom!

What have you been smoking?

And why are you not sharing?



I understand now.

Aaah why is it so big

Duuuuuuuude… I am fucking tripping balls right now… Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeed…

What is this shit?

Looks like a Tenacious D scene with sasquatch ^^

Non generic crap.

Added music for sane.

Yes, please.

That mushroom looks dangerous.

great isolating


I am gonna try looking at this again next time I’m high, see if it changes.

idk bubz, not hardcore enough

I understand Crazy Knife, just hold on, this series will come out with a easy flow.

Oh, it’s a lot more complicated than that, Chuck.

420 smoke weed errday

Seriously awesome. But I can see errors on the underside of the moon when you edited it into the pic.

Bubz I can’t even begin to understand you.
But I can understand how crazily awesome this picture is.