'Mother of the Apocalypse'

Scenebuild bitches. :v:


Compare: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/24089

Great scenebuild, but overall it doesn’t seem quite as impressive as some of your other recent works.

The lighting doesn’t feel as tight as it usually does in your pics.

And the glow around Alma looks pretty bad.

Yeah I totally agree. It was really a test to see if I could do a decent scenebuild more then anything. And the ingame lighting was seriously being pushed to the limits, which didn’t help.
But thanks!

Never stop posting.

You’ve had a thing for Alma lately haven’t you? Anyhoo that scared the shit out of me cause I didn’t realise what she was holding at first…it be a baby. Love it Urbanator!!

Scenebuild and feeling of the picture be epic.

Dat bitch needs to chill the fuck out.

The scenebuild is great.

You have become more disturbed in your last poses. I approve:smile:

Stupid supernatural being raping me and making supernatural babies

ugh, looks swell. Are those private models that you use?

Alma here http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=66286
The baby is from Zeno Clash. It mounts the models automatically in to Gmod when you buy the game.

Totally effin’ awesome broseph

Remind me how scare in F.E.A.R. 2
Really love lighting around Alma and Background. All balance.

I really like it, but it pisses me off how good you are

Urbanator, how about something involving less evil,gore,fear,and scary stuff? And more like pretty flowers with people running around hugging? Juuuuust saayyaaaing

But look at the cute little baby crazieee.

Gracias for the comments yall.

Do you happen to have a screenshot of that from another angle?

Nah sorry! I was gonna grab another pic from an alternate angle so people could see the scenebuild (on rp_apocalypse). But after I took the pic, I just completely forgot about it.

And I never fucking save anything. :byodood:

No one wants to get raped by a magical bitch who thinks you’re pizza at a comic book convention.

Damn it, I wanna play FEAR and FEAR 2 now. Can’t wait for FEAR 3 now, either.

Nice pic.