Mother thinks its a scam?

So I have taken an interest in Rust and would love to get a pre alpha key. I can get the money but my mother thinks that it is a possible scam and wants a way to contact support in case something were to happen. Is there some way we that I can contact rust support or someone to ensure her the game and company is not a scam.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

did you tell her that it was made by the creators of garry’s mod?

Why would them saying it’s not a scam make it not a scam? If you have concerns, don’t buy it. Also, you seem waaay too young for this game, as it features full frontal nudity. That’s how you contact Facepunch Studios Support if there’s a problem with Rust ordering/etc.

However, asking them if they’re not a scam is a dumb move because they’re going to say yes either way. Show her Garry’s Mod on Steam and how there’s over a million users. Tell her it’s the same studio, same guy funding the development.

Show her the pages and pages and pages of threads in this subforum. That much activity for a scam? Yeah-huh. (Although all the key begging threads are not going to help your case.)

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What a caring mother you have there.

congrats your mom is a paranoid bitch

You know how hard it is to get mom’s credit card? I’m surprised he got that far to begin with, my mom would never let me do that.

Hey hey now. Some parents don’t understand the workings on the internet, no need to be mean.

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Mother of God, this rust thing is burning this forum into the ground.

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It’s pure Communism.

There are no guarantees. None, Nada, Zilch.

Even using Paypal and putting a claim that you did not get what you were promised will get get denied.

Since you are buying a digital good YOU HAVE NO PROTECTION from PayPal. That being said I am surprised PayPal hasn’t frozen the account that has taken in over 150k$+ in a few weeks from selling digital goods.

Maybe because it’s a …business? They’re paying taxes and fees for Paypal so I’m sure they won’t complain.

If you need to contact don’t get it, like how old are you? I am only 14 soon be 15 but in the last 4 years I have spent around 1.5k online on videos games servers porn steam trading cards and more out of my own pocket get a job or start earning money around the house an diet your self a prepaid credit card saves a lot of time and shit anyways email Garry/face punch studios

I have a business PayPal account opened it in 2001. Wasn’t talking shit but I have had issues with transferring and receiving large sums of money and or a lot of purchases in a short time frame.

Just buy a moneypak and load it into paypal. Easiest thing i did to buy rust.

Or learn programming, than earn money on coder hire boom, buy it with Paypal balance.

Rust is a communism.

Ask Garry to call your mom to tell her it’s not a scam.

The man on the phone said I won a free cruise, and no one lies on phones

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You could say if facepunch was steel

This section would be rust

can people please use the search function? This topic has been brought up multiple times. Sigh.

Edit: Sorry for adding nothing to this post. It just annoying when we all see the same questions asked over and over again.

Lol, youre 25 and need permission from your mother to buy a game