Motherboard's 3D OSD Won't Show

Sorry if this has been posted before, but for some weird reason, I can’t get my motherboard’s fps onscreen display to work with Rust. I have a new gigabyte motherboard, and the program is the built in one from the gigabyte app center. Does anyone know of a program that will work? I’d like to see my cpu usage and temps without tabbing out of the game. Will future game updates eventually support these or will there be more console commands (aside from fps/ram commands) to show more stats? It would be super useful since running everything on max is pretty demanding.


Try running RustClient.exe directly and see if it works then. (Note, you will get kicked from secured servers almost instantly)

If it works, the OSD is being blocked from injecting into Rust by EasyAntiCheat and there’s nothing you can do other than request it to be whitelisted by EAC.

Try in console perf 1-5, perf 5 gives alot info

Either use steams FPS counter or rusts.

No need for a third party one.