Motherfucking Gangster





Gorge - Awesam Engerrneer

Foxton - Semi Awesam Wire Gate Dood

SlimSwitch - Is greater than karbine times setze divided by goon



Vidya is by George.

I am SlimSwitch And I aprove of this Video.

If you divide him by goon, then he is practically nothing.

Needs more close ups of foxton.

im too badass to be closed up upon

fucking was in that shit I WAS TAKING A SHOWER you guys should’ve told me D:< but nice badass video.

6 minutes and 41 seconds of a fucking rocket .


Sorry, Shit rocks man

Oh my… This is so win! I have never laughed so hard thank you for making my day Slim & Fox & George.

lol no prabmlems

Bullshit I missed this because I was buying cars and crashing planes.

godammit how do planes catch fire while IN A LAKE

XD For some reason I have a strong urge to build a multi stage breakaway rocket…

Maybe it was the Lake of Fire?

hey brodie

Oh, hey edberg, weren’t those your new parts that just arrived like a couple days ago?

No it’s a 2 year old EDF.

pretty motherfucking gangster

god frodamnit

hes giving them to me, im making an rc plane out of chopstix

Waiiiiiit i forgot my corn chips!

Nice hitchhiker edberg.

I haven’t laughed this hard in a long while