Motion blur twitches

Okay i tried to record whats happening but for some reason it doesn’t record blur. Anyways my Motion blur is very twitchy as i walk and run though the map. I also seem to notice that when i walk forward the ground and everything around me also just jumps a little bit. This doesn’t happen in any of my other games such as team fortress 2 the motion blur runs very smoothly along with everything else.

I’d be very happy if i could get mine to work this good. Here is an example.

And if anyone else has this issue let me know.

I have the GTX 295 co-op edition card. Along with an i7 920, This also happened on my last PC.

You must of configed the motion blur incorrectly, or this is a problem, I’ve never used M-B my self but I hear it is buggy, especially Super DoF

Super DoF works perfect for me. Hmmm

Then what the fuck then ghost :open_mouth:

I got some pretty new stuff. Don’t know why it would do that x.X

I think it has to do with how the player works in Garry’s Mod. All of my other steam games work fine…

It happens to the rest of my friends as well.

That’s what motion blur is supposed to look like?! For me, it just superimposes the previous few frames like onion skinning, and they fade out over time. That is wrong…

There are 2 types of motion blur in Garry’s mod now. There’s one that Garry made, which is the one you described, and the one that’s in the new source engine, which is the motion blur shown in the video. To use the motion blur shown in the video, turn off the one that Garry made, then go onto Garry’s mod main menu, and go on options, and it’s in video settings under Motion blur.