Motion Capture in my living room (mocap on source)

This time I actually did some good capturing with the program by ipi soft.

Thanks to maxofs2d for the rig :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone wishes to get the animation contact me.

I use 4 cameras like this

That is sweet. Do you only need 1 camera for the software?


but I tend to use 4 it improves the mocap a lot

How do i create a mocap file? Sorry im new to this motion capture stuff

Are you talking about ipi studio?

I’m gonna do this when Ipi releases the Kinect version.
It’ll be sweet.

I think i am. I wanna make a mocap file from a video camera. Possible???

that was awesome. but the hands kept bugging me the whole time.

Yea I kind of rushed it, when making it a fist