Motion sensors, security cams and range detonators??

Improvised motion sensors that would need electric power to run and a battery for a beeper that you would carry with you

And an improvised camera with a small screen that you would carry with you when you go away from home to see if someone is near your house. Screen, if you have one would be actually located on the edge of your screen or you could put it in your hands to check it out.

Alert app for a motion sensor would be an option too…

I took the images from the web but you get the idea. Stuff should be really expensive and hard to make as it would be the last of part of your defense…

Also i would like to see some sort of an explosive charge that would be hell hard to make and it would have an option to detonate from far. For example to make a mine field or to destroy a part of your base (bridge or something) when you see that its your last option… And as a counter to that a metal detector would be cool :smiley:

What do you think about that? What are your thoughts?

Is the island now equipped with an end-to-end LTE network to handle the dozens / hundreds of over-the-air video feeds? Or did you imagine there’d be some sort of analog multiplexing going on?

An infrared motion detector is far beyond what could reasonably be crafted using the materials we’ve got.

Not that I want this in game but one can assume Sats are still in space. That solves your device comunication issues. And if one can find cameras in game then one has parts to use. I have found multiple cameras in game. Also if one can craft electronic key pad locks then one could assume a basic system could be potentially created in game.

No, it doesn’t. Not at all. The requirements to bounce a signal up to a satellite are completely implausible in Rust’s universe. You’re not going to stream data or even broadcast analog video up to a bird using a battery. It’s one thing to send up a 1K packet with an event code and your GPS coordinates as some “self rescue” devices do. It’s an entirely different ballgame in terms of power and tolerance to broadcast continually, or even upload a digital image (as would be the case if you’re going to, say, salvage cameras from discarded smartphones). Even blasting up a picture using analog means is going to be a stretch, to say nothing of video feeds.

Not at all. Cameras and motion detectors don’t share any common pieces. They both have “a lens”, but the lens for the PIR is radically different than the lens for the camera.

Dude its Rust and Rust is a video game, not real life. How the f do i craft an electronic keylock out of wood and metal fragments or better yet a metal keylock only out of wood, or a pants with metal fragments, and not to mention head bucket and mats needed for that. This aint dayz, and thank god for it -.-

And we wouldn’t have a 1080p picture on that feed…

I’m the guy who says we also need to replace codelocks with something more plausible like combination locks, so your rant is misplaced. But hey, if you want to have a magical streaming video service that runs on firewood and animal fat with no back end, by all means, tell the devs how it works.