Motivate me! gm_totonyard

I saw someone moaning about all the train maps being all straight lines and no rail yards. So, it’s time to rectify that.

Toton yard is a large (huge as hell) train yard near nottinghamshire, in the UK. Here’s some pics to (Hopefully) give you an idea.

(The yard’s the massive brown smear in the middle of the suburbs, FYI.)

I’m planning on re-creating most of this in hammer. For the uninformed, that’s a lot of work. I’m using SenorNYOB’s rail prefabs because they’re easily used, and pretty nice.

I started this the other day, have finished the fuel depot and tomorrow I’ll upload pics of progress and continue work on the main shed, which is 15 tracks across. It’s gonna be a long day.

I’m really posting this to be told how dumb I am, and to motivate myself and keep the project on track. See you tomorrow, I’ll start getting some compiled screenshots of progress.

I’ll be compiling each part of the map as I go along (Visgroups <3) so expect lots of them.

You’re horrible and you’ll never amount to anything!
You should just give up now and save your self the embarrassment!

Actually, I really like the idea and I hope in turns out well, because, as mentioned, there are to many strait, boring, and repetitive train maps out there.

Good luck!

I just wish I could see your previous work, but Garry (or someone or something rather) fucked the servers, and search no longer works…

My other maps have been exciting but bland singleplayer maps that I made with some friends. You’re not missing much.


Also I think having something to work from (or at least inspiration) creates the best maps. We’ll see. Work continues tomorrow.

I completely agree, It is much easier to map if you have something to base it off.
I usually find my self guessing a lot when I don’t.

You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.
No really do it faggot.
I like this idea, sounds totally rad.

Woork inn progressss shotzzzzz.


It looks so shitty right now. This was mainly a lighting test compile and a test of the rails. They work, except for a bit of zfighting. Don’t know what to do about it yet.

And yes, I am going to get started on the epic amount of rails that I need to place soon. When my computer finishes defragmenting.

Looks interesting, good work

Fuck me get this map done and I will not rape you.

Am I that “complaining” person :v:?

If it’s TBoy, nevermind him, he’s just a dick :confused:

I need to see it in-game :3

Push the engine harder!

You can vertex it!

Do me 10 Prop_Static Naougght!

I feel motivated and somewhat creeped out now. Work continues tonight. I promise.

Starting to add doors to the main shed at the moment.