Motivational Orange, a parody release to the unreleased "Demon Melon" by Mahalis

[release]Motivational Orange
A scripted entity in Garry’s Mod Plus.

[tab]SVN Checkout:[/tab] (Download as a part of GM+):

I though Mahalis’s Demon Melon SENT was pretty cool, but from a scripting perspective, it wasn’t that outta sight, brotha. :razz: So since it’s not out yet, I decided I’d make a parody entity, even though it hasn’t been released. :v:

:sax: Perhaps in the future, Mahalis and I can add code to have them fight each other, as well as follow players.

[li]Replication[/li][li]Follows you around[/li][li]Motivates[/li][li]Clean undo system[/li][li]Won’t split by explosive damage[/li][li]Edible & gives health[/li][li]Won’t give health passed 100[/li][li]Death Sounds[/li][/ul]




XD :smiley: love it

This is delicious!

Yes! Yes!

Whoops, forgot to include the spawnicon. :ohdear:
I reuploaded. Check the new link^

Since this is apart of a larger addon, I had to rip it out of my project, but keep the new methods and materials intact.

Haha, nice. They’re so cute. I’ll definitely add something to the melons to make 'em interact. :smile:

When mahalis releases his melons, make the oranges run from them.

And the melons attack them.

I shall, I shall. I suppose every once and a while, I’ll have a rowdy one try to attack one of the melons, :frog: only to shortly after find that they’re not quite as heavily packed as our melon friends. :v:

This horrifies me.

They shalt mate, to create… ORANGE MELONS! D:


Oh god so kewt :3

If the melons attack the oranges, then only the oranges will be replicating, so maybe when there is significantly more oranges than melons the tides will turn.

Hooks these things up to a neural net and you have monster.

Even better: make each orange a neuron in the net so that they form a collective intelligence.

CptFuzzies’ next addon: Orange Juice.

But the oranges get eaten.

Meaning more oranges get made.

No, they don’t split when eaten.

Maybe the melons could just be bullies and beat up the oranges.

That will be the worst thing to happen to an orange since ‘the breakup’ .