Motivational Posters




Well these are pretty damn good.

I got one

but it’s more like de-motivational
yours are nice to

Awesome, can I print em?

Do you really need to ask for permission…

Cuz im a nice persun :3

The pose is simple e.e

Thanks man :slight_smile:

Nice one :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah sure, go for it

They were only quick 5 minute ones when I was bored, I’ll do some more when I have time to really think them through.

go back to 4chan

so… the business world should go back to 4 chan that’s interesting.
because last time I checked these originated in office environments.

Not really that funny

Actually, not funny at all.

You seem to lack the wit that is required for one of these posters. If you just have a phrase like “Traps are always good fun” I’m not going to laugh.

It doesn’t help that the pictures aren’t that great either, and most of them are terribly posed.

^ imo

VMan it’s my first try at these man, give me a break.
I haven’t been using Gmod for long I was just hoping for some advice.
They were all just quickly done because I haven’t mastered posing yet, much like 70% of the Gmod community.

If your taking them that seriously then how are you supposed to laugh?

Hobo: I understand what you’re trying to do, but the idea here is to use ironic or funny poses and then the caption is either an ironic statement and/or a funny comment based on said imagery. Now, that’s not to say that your ideas are bad, it’s just that the end result was a little sub-par based on what people are coming to expect here on FP. Oh, and the blatant watermark that’s on the images takes away from the focal point of the poster itself (which is the image) due to it’s placement, size, and color.

Don’t get discouraged though, it shouldn’t take much more practice to get some solid posing experience under your belt. The best thing is to use reference images of people standing and doing random things (either through image searches, watching videos from youtube, etc) so that you’ll come to understand how to pose someone so it looks natural (even if you’re going for over the top, the idea is that the pose has to be believable enough that the viewer instantly accepts it and that it doesn’t take them out of the experience).

Also, larger image sizes for your final products wouldn’t hurt either, AND it’d make the text easier to read for the viewer. :smiley:

Thanks man… Although I don’t really like TF2 posing, because it’s even harder to get it natural looking.
I did TF2 because my friend plays it alot.

I’m gonna try some Day of Defeat shots, some more dramatic ones that will take alot of time and practise.

Haha these are really funny.