Motoko Kusanagi

Can anyone make a rag doll of this?? If you can that would be great ^^.




fuck this


nvm forget this…



there got it

I’m pretty sure it’s spelled “Mokoto”
Bit of a fan, but there’s already a couple of models of her out there.

looked it up
Nvm, my bad.

Would like to see this done.

Mariokart made it

isnt that a JA mod retooled for gmod?

I dunno Mariokart made it I just uploaded the link

I think it would be a lot better if somone were to rip the model from the PS2 game rather than a model from Jedi Academy…

I agree but the question is who actually still has the ps2 game and the ability to rip?

I do have the PS2 game but I do not know how to rip models.

You may want to put in a request for someone to teach you how to port

Hmm I also have the game but no knowledge of ripping. I think I need to sort myself out with a new PC before I begin to learn to rip anything though…