Motorcycle Prototype

I have been trying to make a somewhat realistic motorcycle for a little while now, and this is what i came up with. Still in the early stages but it leans nicely into turns and has a few other little tricks. No remote systems to drive this at all, its all self contained. Hope you like! Video link is at the bottom.

And this is how it works so far.

wow, that’s awesome! now all we need is a seat that lets you shoot a shotgun while driving, and we’re all set for a terminator 2 remake.

That is a very, very clean look. Altough I’d crank in an engine not so premade. Because, CC wise, it looks like a car engine on a bike. Color palette’d.

yeah, make a V-Twin engine, make the seat a little thicker (looks like it hurts) and maybe a little bit of a frame and it will look like a sweet hog. lol at wheelie XD. Oh, add a front fender too, it will help add to the look.

Motorcycles don’t have car engines on them and generarly their handles move. Also the wheels usually spin. Other than that, good job.

There actaully are a lot of custom bikes that have full V8 engines in them, I would be scared though.

But not with a small stick as an exhaust pipe.

LOL, i appreciate all your comments. Ill work on making a later stage with the improvements you suggest. Thanks alot for you opinions and for keep them clean.

Now that is nice, I knew you had potential

Good work

lol nice but how about actually riding it around in gm_buttes

it looks like it uses my old slave system