Motorola DynaTAC

I would like a model of the Motorola DynaTAC, because I’ve been trying to find a good cell phone model, and the only one that seems to exist are iPhones. Postal III has a DynaTAC-like phone, but it’s an effect and hard to use. I have also tried to port my own phone using a model from Google SketchUp, but the model is enormous and isn’t an 8000x model.

Other Requests:

  • The antenna should be straight.
  • The phone should have two color options: beige and black.
  • A charger would be nice.


Wasn’t fat ass making one of these a while ago?

He was? I didn’t know that.

Dean was working on one of these, he might have finished it, but you might have to ask him

It is finished. Just PM’d him.

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Dean says that he’ll get the phone into Gmod tomorrow and he’ll make a charger too.

As the Heavy said it best: “It is good day!”