Mount & Blade: Napoleonic Wars Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards Skins request (paying money)

HEY! Im new to Facepunch but I was looking for a modeler to help me out with a curious project… For those who play the Napoleonic wars addon for Mount and Blade: Warband should know about the English Coldstream Foot Guards! I would like to request some usable skins for GMod be made for a friend who I wish to make a promotional picture from, the problem is I don’t have any models to use! Now, they are basic models I need, the Officer, Sergeant (Ensign in this case), and a the Rankers, Now the face you can do what you want with them, make them creative please, do what you wish with the faces within reasonable and mature areas please. I AM willing to pay good for these models, a price could be discussed but don’t expect to be a millionaire, im not Bill Gates here. Remember: Need to be able to be used in GMod, don’t worry too much about minor things like smoking pipes, cigars and such, they will only be complicated! I will need a sword made for use in hands, bayoneted muskets, and a british regimental flag made from the game.

THIS IS NO KIDDY RIDE! I want quality and will pay good money ASAP for them! NO QUALITY NO MONEY, this is a challenge of skill for those who want it! IM A BUSINESSMAN (in a fun way :D) I give what I receive, so make me proud!

So basically you want people to make the models from zero THEN you’ll pay them if you like 'em. What happens if you don’t like them?

Yeah, no…I’m pretty sure that if you are willing to pay someone, it’s not an “I’ll pay you if I like it” situation. That’s the easiest way to scam someone and you are not likely to get what you want in that manner.

Then ill let you fix them, Ill only pay when the job is finished, now understand that if I don’t like them I wont just dump the job, ill point out items that need work on the models to help you, but i will not pay till the job is finished, trust me im not TOO harsh, im not looking for masterful work but if the jacket doesn’t look anything close to what i need im not going to pay for work that isn’t right. I promise :slight_smile:

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Im not a scammer, I have never scammed someone in my life honestly this is real work im looking for, not some crap job i want someone to do just to crap on them. If you want to speak to me with a mic and see who I am I the general administrator on a teamspeak server and I can explain to you who i am, what i do and why im trustworthy.

It won’t get them into gmod, but if you download brsviewer you can actually get the the suits and bodies and what not into a modelling program because it exports them rigged .smds

You still have to add a skeleton and compile it, but if you know anyone who can add bones then you’ll be set.

So from any game i can aquire the models that just require a skeleton to be used in gmod?

No, but brsviewer opens up anything from any mount and blade mod.

So any mod you download after it’s installed your .brs files should be in the ‘resource’ folder and the textures will be the ‘textures folder’. I can’t help you with getting them into gmod but if you need help exporting models and textures then hit me up with a pm.

If he wants a playerskeleton as well, he probably needs to rerig the stuff to the valve biped anyway. At least MnB models are simple enough so that it’s faairly simple.