mount counter strike source hammer to garrys mod hammer

before you tell me to google it: im not asking how to get css hammer to work because any idiot can figure that out i am asking how i add all the counter strike source models and textures to my current hammer so that i can use counter strike, episode 2, and garrys mod mapping content all at once. i already have counter strike mounted to gmod so i thought it would have done it automatically like it did with hl2 episode 2.

i have been using the garrys mod hammer as my main.

You should have googled it. You need to read the basic guidelines post at the top of this section before posting. “Search before posting”. Don’t make a new topic and tell us not to tell you to google it, if you haven’t even tried searching for it. That’s exactly what you should have done, and that’s what half the people here would have just told you to do anyway. But since I am a helpful guy, and I appreciated people helping me when I was young and ignorant, so I’ll return the favor and help you out.

In fact, actually, I just answered a thread here on facepunch just last week answering the exact same question… Literally, it was further down here… You didn’t even have to go to page two.

welp i got what i was after so no losses here. all the dumb votes in the world cant stop me.

cheers matey

While we’re on the subject, is there a way to do this without mixing up the games content? I once did the same thing to another source game, and couldn’t figure out how to undo it and return my game to a vanilla state. I tried, but steam didn’t delete the added content after an uninstall, and simply deleting the game folder and attempting a reinstall broke things for some reason :T I did get it to work eventually, but I really don’t want to reinstall the game every time I’m finished with a map…

I don’t believe there is, if you find out how let us know. You can use the custom folder to avoid mix up but it doesn’t label each game independently in the editor.

For example, you can do “half-life 2/ep2/custom/<yourmapname>/materials/” etc, but it’ll still show up in hammer as “ep2”, it just keeps it organized in the file browser so you know what materials/models belong to what.

While I was checking out TopHatWaffles’ site, I stumbled across this. It appears to be the answer to all my prayers. I thought it was worth pointing out here, just in case someone stumbles onto this thread looking for answers.