Mount games from other Steam account in Garry's Mod

Recently my brother created his own Steam account and purchased another copy of Garry’s Mod after sharing mine for quite some time. Now I want to be able to play at the same time he does, but he only has Garry’s Mod and an extra copy of Half-Life 2 I gave him from when I bought the Orange Box. The problem is that when he joins an RP server using rp_downtown_v2, some textures show up as pink-and-black checkerboards and the gun models (from Counter-Strike I think) show up as ERRORs. My question is how can I copy the files from CS:S to his account so he can play that map without needing to buy another game? He doesn’t need to be able to play the game; he just needs the textures and models, which are already on the computer. How can I get it to use them without spending any money?

hmmmm. A very long winded way which may work is to start a dedicated server for you and your brother. If you host it, you can choose to add content from all the HL2 series, Portal, CS:S, TF2 and more. My brother has just TF2 and gmod bought as a pack on his Steam account, and him and some of my friends play on my dedicated server with no errors at all, unless something couldn’t be downloaded, like some of the default stargates. My advice is try and make a dedicated server, its a great past time, and doesn’t have to cost anything for a casual player. Just make sure your (and your brothers) garrysmod addons are the same as the servers for ease of use and your away!

If you don’t want to create dedicated server, I can’t really think of anything else off the top of my head. sorry :S

Oh wait unless you try GCFScape. GCFScape opens .gcf files for exploration and extraction. Basically look inside your steamapps folder and you will see at least 1 .gcf folder for each game. All its files are hidden inside there ^^ Not too sure where you would put them, google it I guess.

Hope I helped. I’m not 100% but hey, at least I tried :slight_smile: