Mount games from other Steam account?

Hey guys,
i got 2 steam accounts.
Account 1 got Gmod, CSS, dods, hl2:dm.
Account 2 got CSS, dods, hl2:dm, hl2, ep1, ep2, portal, tf2.
If i start gmod(acc 1) the first lines in console are:
“Mounting episodic… Not Mounting episodic (no access)
No permission”
Same with the other games, which are not owned by acc 1.
Question: Is there a way to mount the other games to gmod,
so i can choose/see ep2 and other models?


I don’t know how to do it, but I can tell you that there are several tutorials on how to do it here on facepunch, and probably just as many on youtube.


Hint Search function Hint

Why do you have 2 accounts in the first place?

Well actually i got 300 accounts.
I wrote a steam password stealer and now i got many accounts.
You can buy one if you want.
OMG! Does it matter? No!
The second account is my brothers acc.
He is at a boarding school now and doesnt got a pc there.
You are happy now?

Thanks at Divran, ill try it again :wink:

You can’t.

If the other account isn’t yours, then you can’t.

I think you mean sarcasm

I think there was something on the GMod Wiki.

Look through that.

(I’ll link if I find it)

I have my brother’s account with DoD:S too, **no **you can’t.

Well the second account is mine, cause i got the pw :smiley:
didnt tried the gmod wiki.
ill try, thx :wink:

Well, you can’t do it the usual way, but you can extract the files through GCFScape. It’s on the wiki.

(Bet $5 someone’s going to come in and say “OMG WAREZ”)

Not warez, you just are breaking the EULA. And it doesn’t always work.

And the first reply to my post is intelligence! Holy damn, that never happens.

Or if it does work, something is not quite right.

For instance. I pulled the GCF for CS:S from a guest pass (I own it now, no more warez needed) and the materials didn’t copy, nor did the sounds.

Which was OK, because all I wanted was models anyway. But yeah, it never works 100% even if you own the game legally (just on another account).

omg warez!!!11 :byodood:

And it’s messy.

well i wont say its “warez” cause i OWN the game,
not the gmod acc but the other acc does.
yeah i already tried to extract it with GCFScape.
but where do i have to put it?
for eg the ep2 models: i open the episode two content.gcf,
go to ep2, extract the models folder, copy the folder to steamapps\mysteamname\ep2
this didnt work for me. i guess the path is wrong :smiley:
tried some other paths but this didnt work, too.
you know the right path?
thx until here :wink:

i put it into steamapps\mysteamname\garrysmod\garrysmod\ and now it works!
is there a better way?
to seperate ep2, ep1, tf2 … models and textures ?

found the wiki: