Mount Half-Life - The Forefathers of Garrysmod

Because without them, there would be no Garrysmod…

C&C, please.

That’s pretty creepy, isn’t it?

Haha that’s pretty cool.

You should see the real one…

Kleiner’s glasses look like Blues Brothers shades.

I like the idea. :v:

Neat Concept ya got there sir.

Awesome idea, therefore I like it.

Thanks, everyone. I just realised: This is my first scenebuild.

wheres gordon, why is citizen_06 there

Gordon is never seen anywhere ingame.

Also: It’s Eli, Grigori, Gman and Kleiner. Since Gordon wasn’t to be found, I figured I’d make it abit more about the sidekicks.

Should have had breen.

Dammit! I knew I forgot someone… :ohdear: