Mountable Machine Guns

This addon is simple. You can shoot those guns.
Video explains everything.

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Oops, It’s Mounted not ‘Mountable’

I’d mount those machine guns any day :wink:

Glorious work! :v:

Very nice. Only improvement I can think of is to add some sort of player animation - just to make it look a bit more lifelike.

Two of em crashed me instantly, and one deletes door’s and other ent’s (visually) if you double click it.

Added Searchlight Turret[/t]

Looks awesome, great job on this :slight_smile:

I made an addon which is pretty similar a while ago and ran into the same weirdness- turrets having recoil despite the fact it’s specified nowhere in the code. You any idea what’s causing it?

looks cool can you use this with nutscript also is that map on the workshop or did you make it?