mountain troll spots the warrior

the map was created by me. the troll is slighty bigger then the swamp monster earlier lol.
(but the troll is a bicth to pose)

c&c please :).

the trolls gonna get owned.

I think its realy good

That guy is trolling.

Very Nice
The RE4 Gigant is epic!

It’s not good
too much random blur, too dark when the sky is rather bright, ugly motion blur, bad pose.

umm ok, i kinda like it like that, gives it alot of atmosphere.
i think ur right on the motion blur though, ill kepp practiceing.
thx 4 the comment

You should make a comic series :smiley:

The first was good. I didn’t like the second.

“I jump to in the air to slay the troll” rolls dice “20! WOOT, CRITICAL JUMP!”

I like the colors of it