Mounted ar2

i need help for a map

there it gives a mounted ar 2 to spawn and if you play it in multiplayer you cant see your own shoots with this ar2

can you help me

what? If you would actually speak english, we could help. From what I understand, you can’t see tracers? why would that matter, if you have crosshairs?

Great typing.

If you’re the host (or can enable cheats) give yourself a toolgun (


). Use this mod to spawn any turret you like, and it will still be mountable like in hl2.

wirusaa when i spawn it all i see is error. Why?

You are missing the model.

Well i know that. What game’s model does it use ?
I have all HL2 episodes and hl2 dm, and counter strike source.

It should let you select the model, but mainly it uses the “mounted ar2” found when you find the first ressistance radio (canals). Check if you have all of them mounted, and select a diffirent model. It might be that it doesn’t have a “default” one set, so it uses “models/” which is of course nowhere to be found :).


By looking at Lua code I found 14 models. Some from HL2, one from TF2 and some from CS:S. So, just try selecting another one :slight_smile: